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With over 100 years of combined experience in home energy efficiency, we have helped tens of thousands of homeowners make their houses more energy efficient, comfortable and receive millions (yes, MILLIONS) of dollars in government and utility rebates.

We are impartial and independent: not selling any other products or services allows us to have only your best interests at heart.

Energy Audits in Ontario North

Courtis Rapley

Registered Energy Advisor

If you are a homeowner in Northern Ontario, you could qualify for rebates up to $10,600 to raise the energy efficiency rates in your home through the Ontario Energy Rebates Program. Certified by EnerGuide, energy advisors from Energy Werx will perform an evaluation of energy in your home that will help determine if you qualify for rebates and suggest ways to make your home more energy efficient. The upgrades will reduce your gas and electricity bills.

When we perform a home energy evaluation, we run several tests to determine who rebates you qualify for and help develop strategies to effectively reduce your home’s energy consumption. These tests include air leak tests, infrared testing, and door blowers. They will prove which areas need energy efficiency and improvements. After the upgrades are implemented, we will perform a follow-up audit to evaluate how much the upgrades have improved your energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency begins at home. The Greener Home program through the federal government helps homeowners perform energy efficient upgrades to their homes, making it more affordable, efficient, and comfortable to maintain over the years. This program allows you to help Canada transition to a future with cleaner energy by reducing emissions for greenhouse gasses. The rebates from the Greener Home program include air sealing improvements, a furnace or boiler replacement, replacements for a window, door, and/or skylight and insulation upgrades, to name a few. The goal of the program is to ultimately make residents of Aurora, Barrie, North Bay, Orillia and surrounding areas live a life that’s more environmentally-friendly that is both affordable and attainable.

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