Are you a homeowner in Thunder Bay concerned about the high costs of electric, gas, and hydro bills in Ontario? Energy Werx can help. Not only do we reduce your energy expenses, but we can also help you live a greener and more sustainable life. Energy Werx helps Ontario homeowners find rebates in the energy sector that they may be entitled to.

In 2017, the Ontario government created an initiative program that offers rebates to homeowners making an effort to live a more sustainable life. Our job at Energy Werx is to help homeowners become qualified for those rebates and provide a service plan that includes the findings of their energy audit and upgrades to make improvements.

How do Thunder Bay Energy Audits Work?

Once contacted, Energy Werx will send a skilled and qualified Registered Energy Advisor to provide a detailed and thorough home energy audit which helps to determine your home’s energy efficiency. With this information, Energy Werx helps Ontario homeowners find rebates that they may be eligible for. Upon completion, the advisor will provide an energy advice guide that will go over projects you can undertake to make your home energy efficient. Some of the upgrades can include insulation upgrades, window, door and/or skylight replacements and furnace or boiler replacements. The methods our advisors use to find rebates include blower door tests, infrared cameras, and checks for air leaks, just to name a few. The advisor will remain available for any questions and will provide a follow-up final energy audit after the initial tests.

The goal of our team at Energy Werx has always been to help Ontario homeowners live a more energy-efficient and sustainable life while getting the rebates they are entitled to.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay is the largest city in Northwestern Ontario, located on the northern shore of Lake Superior. Often referred to as the “Lakehead” due to its location at the head of the lake, the city is known for its stunning natural surroundings, including forests, lakes, and mountains. It is home to several post-secondary institutions, including Lakehead University and Confederation College. The city has a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and music festivals.

The city’s outdoor activities are popular, offering opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and water sports.Thunder Bay’s natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities make it a popular destination for tourists. Notable attractions include Kakabeka Falls, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and Fort William Historical Park. The city also serves as a gateway to exploring the northern wilderness of Ontario. Thunder Bay is known for its friendly and welcoming community.